Useful Software

SHA1 MD5 Hash Checker

After you downloaded windows 7 activator daz you must verify it to match at least MD5 and SHA1 codes before launching it to prevent fake software leading to damaging your pc etc..  To Download this checker press the link bellow.

Download Hash Checker

MBR Regenerator v4.5

MBR Regenerator is a professional tool designed to reset MBR to default value. And we are using it to reset windows 7 activation back to 30 days trial. After that you won’t see windows not genuine error again and then can apply windows 7 loader.

Download MBR Regenerator

Resets Windows to 30 day trial and fix not genuine error..

Download MBR Regenerator

Malwarebytes Antimalware

Download Malwarebytes Cleaner for Windows 7 Ultimate Professional

Detects and deletes any adware you could accidentally installed doing offer..

Malwarebytes Download


15 comments on “Useful Software
  1. Allan says:

    I keep getting “Unsupported Partition Table”?

  2. BEKAT says:


  3. Narshi says:

    I have not gone through the whole process yet, but just using the MBR Regenerator has made my laptop faster. It has worked magic as it was very slow to load initially and programs too.
    Thank you.

  4. canni32 says:


  5. Chad Walker says:

    This program turned my SSD into RAW format using the default settings… how do I fix that?

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi this program can’t reformat your hard drive, maybe you did something wrong.. if you getting black screen check faq section other than that it’s not loaders fault

  6. robert says:

    Hi Daz! You can help me to solve this error: “The certificate wasn’t successfully installed”. I don’t know was happening.

    • DAZLoader says:

      hey it could be many problems why loader isn’t working check that you deleted that windows update, also try using mbr regenerator to get a clean mbr..

  7. kalyan says:

    link of mbr not working and also give the link of watfix

  8. Francisco Euzébio da Cruz says:

    Este site é o que trata com seriedade e respeito a todos os usuários. Goste de participar de sua página, voê é uma pessoa especial da internet, ajudando a todos que precisam de informação. Muitos sites que oferecem downloards, são verdadeiras armadilhas para encher os computadores com spraywers. Obrigado amigo! Continue assim. Abraços.

  9. kalyan says:

    another process to make preactivated dvd by creating a folder as $oem$ and in that folder under script subfolder just copy window loader exe and key ini and set up complete .cmd batch file . i prepare such dvd and will it act?

  10. kalyan says:

    if the loader inject key in bios then if necessary for any reinstall of window 7 then any problem sud arise ,pls answer. i have tried window loader on a preactivated win7 ultimate after applying wat fix. after applying wat fix window nono genuine msg came then i run window loader 2.2.2 and it remove that msg. any way if i have to reinstall window 7 any problem sud come

    • DAZLoader says:

      You will be better of reinstalling clean windows on legacy bios mode with mbr.. After installation launch loader and activate windows.. Don’t forget to check if update KB971033 is disabled.

      • kalyan says:

        i am using gigabyte h61m-ds2 so how to set legacy bios. any way it is uefi dual bios as describe by the manufacture. in bios set up in bios only option is boot priority such as cd drive or hdd

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