Common Issues & FAQ

We get a lot of PM’s and emails with your requests to help fix problems regarding windows 7 loader. And now we will review the most common problems:

1. Check if you have installed KB971033 windows update if yes, delete it. This update is designed to detect loader so make sure it’s deleted from your system. If you install loader having this update you probably get not genuine error.

2. Many people get problems with MBR or Not Genuine Error (Black Desktop saying windows not genuine). Before installing loader you can use MBR Regenerator to reset windows back to 30 days trial. You find it easily on our website HERE.

3. If you have to verify with one of the offers and there is this error: “there are no offers for your country” please go to this link to download the file: http://  (delete one space after http://)


windows update fix

Solution posted by one of our loader users:

Latest solution is to update windows manually downloading updates from here: and after that windows update will work automatically.

“Cause: probably Windows 7 bandwidth/servers were allocated to Windows 10, so it really takes HOURS until it finishes to check for updates. To install Ultimate + SP1 and takes 24-48 hours to display (today) 222+43 updates to install (after one separate first update KB976902).
Solution: wait or install manually KB3138612 and then your updates will be shown in 10-20 minutes (or more, but definitely faster than without it). It will take some hours until download and install (due to bandwidth resize for Windows 7) but please stop blaming loader for updates problems. It’s Microsoft fault.
Note: no need to restart the update service, it will only get worse (interrupts the check and then starts over). Just WAIT and updates will come!!!”

We noticed that microsoft maybe released update which stops windows update service from working, but we have a solution: open command line (cmd) in administrator mode and type “net stop wuauserv” without quotes to stop update service. Then type “net start wuauserv” this command restarts windows update service and you should get your updates now. Hope it works for you all!

Alternative is to use this clever microsoft tool which can fix many problems related to windows update:

We will add more solutions in the future..


Questions and Answers related to Windows 7 Loader


Q. Program status says “modified – Uninstall other cracks etc.”, what should I do?
A. Your options are: a) find a way to uninstall the other cracks b)download WAT Fix c) format had drive. Use Duck duck go search for wat fix.

Q. Why i lost activation after running Windows startup repair tool?
A. Startup repair is writing a new boot sector to your systems. Prevent this by using cmd as admin and write this: “bcdedit /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreshutdownfailures”

Q. I use multiple boot with Windows 8 or 10 and  loader doesn’t work?
A. Boot into windows 8 ar 10 and open cmd as admin and write this command: “bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy”

Q. I installed loader but it says not activated what should i do?
A. Go to daz loader – advanced options tab and choose option to disable type 4 memory or use the legacy setting, then press install and reboot when required. You maybe also have to select the option to ignore the system current SLIC and/or revalidate online.


Q. I used loader in the past and it didn’t worked, what do I have to do?
A. If you ever loaded bootsec just press  uninstall to uninstall old loader. After that reboot pc and install newest version of daz loader from our site.

Q. I got this error message “Failed to add loader to the boot code”, what should i do?
A. Try disabling your antivirus and firewall programs because they can cause issues especially with hips integration.

Q. I have used other cracks or software and i think it messed something up in my system, can it be fixed?
A. Try to uninstall and revome other apps you were using and try to run this command: “sfc.exe /scannow” from cmd as an admin.

Q. I lost my activation while pc entered sleep mode how to prevent this from happening?
A. Open loaders advanced options, from there select to disable type 4 memory. After that try installing loader again and check if this fixed that. If not try disabling type 3 memory. If it still not working try enabling legacy settings.

Q. I got status “Unsupported partition table”, what is this?
A. You probably using GPT formated drive on a UEFI motherboard. Another option is locked OEM partition. You can fix these problems by fully formatting your entire hard drive to ntfs format.

Q. I got error: “Error finding your systems active partition”, what should i do now?

A. You need fully reformated hard drive. You can do this with apps like “Active@ Kill Disk.” This error you get because your OEM partition is locked.

Q. I installed daz loader and pc can’t finish boot process, how to fix this?
A. Go to the loaders advanced options. There select disabling type 4 memory. After that try installing loader one more time and see if that helps. If it still not working them disable type 3 memory. Last resort is to use legacy settings.

Q. I installed activator after reboot it says still not activated. Also loader pops out this error: “BAD SLIC SIZE” or “BAD SLIC DATA”,  how to fix that?
A. First try by uninstalling loader, completely reboot your pc (you can even plug from socket). Go to loader advanced settings and select ignoring existing SLIC. After doing that just press install and reboot PC when required.

Q. My motherboard and windows on UEFI, but i format my hard drive to use MBR but still not activated. What you recommend?
A. Go to the UEFI menu and find secure boot, then disable it.


UEFI motherboards support


The activator don’t work when your hard drive using GPT format. The solution is to format your drive to use MBR.

From your BIOS select to boot the Windows DVD without UEFI, press and hold SHIFT and then press F10 and then enter this:

list disk
select disk 0
convert mbr
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick

Boot Windows 7 iso like you do always and then  installal Windows. After windows are installed then you can then install daz loader.

To force windows 7 boot without triggering UEFI use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Once the USB is created just delete bootmgr.efi from the USB and then try to boot from it.


Server 2012 (R2) problems and how to solve them

Starting with OS – Server 2012 range MS required the RSDP to be in read only memory. Because of this there are limitations.

* PC’s with already existing SLIC  data in their BIOS should work.
* Systems with an Intel CPU’s have succeeded before because they chipsets prone to lock picking.
* PC’s with an AMD CPU’ can get problems activating if they doesn’t have an existing SLIC in their BIOS.
* If the loaders cmd shows “v2.3” or “v2.2” but pc still not activated then you probably having problems with compatibility

To convert Windows Server 2012 from evaluation edition you should use this command:

DISM /online /Set-Edition:<edition ID> /ProductKey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX /AcceptEula

Here is an example:

DISM /online /Set-Edition:ServerDatacenter /ProductKey:B8BRN-RUI6P-BVTBM-89P9Y-XQRTH /AcceptEula

Your pc probably have to be restarted 2 times before loader will do it’s job.

Recovery after failed bootup – BLACK SCREEN

Is Windows 7 are failing to boot after you installed the windows 7 activator newest version? Just try doing these steps:

  1. Boot up computer using your selected Windows 7  iso file.
  2. Press and hold your SHIFT key and after that press F10.
  3. Writing this should help “bootsect.exe /nt60 SYS /force” (just write without quotes).
  4. And finally restart your PC.

Attention! If steps you followed aren’t fixing booting problems you have to try using this command “bootsect.exe /nt60 ALL /force”. Make sure before using this command that all flash drives and memory cards are removed.

Also you can try holding the “R” key after your BIOS screen. If you press it at the right time then you’ll see a boot menu also there could be other options depending on your pc model. Boot and from menu select to booting without SLIC.

Good luck if you have any other issues write us and we will add them here!

260 comments on “Common Issues & FAQ
  1. John says:

    Just a little FYI for everyone. I spent hours trying to figure out why I kept getting the message.

    “certificate wasn’t successfully installed”

    As it turns out after trying everything eg: sfc /scanow, etc…, the program is reliant on the Software Protection service. I had mine disabled. As soon as I set it to automatic(delayed start) it worked fine.

  2. Alex says:

    Hi! I just formatted my SSD and installed Windows 7 Ultimate and I have the “Unsupported partition table”. The only solution is to re-format the hard drive and reinstall windows again? Thanks!

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi you need to have ntfs mbr format check that you have one, also windows must be installed on legacy bios mode and not uefi

  3. Jeremy says:

    I recently found an old disc I burned of your loader and needed to use the Crack. I ran it and it installed everything fine than restarted. Now it’s stuck in an infinite reboot. It gets to “loading operating system” than restarts again. Please help!

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi check on our page FAQ section what to do when you get black screen.. you better put it on usb next time.. burning to cd may corrupt the files..

  4. Radu Nicolae says:

    After I press finish this message appears in the command window and the activator doesn’t apply:

    chrome.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    Any Ideas?
    Thank you

    • DAZLoader says:

      maybe try with another browser?

      • Radu Nicolae says:

        I don’t even have chrome installed. I tried installing it after seeing the message and it still prompts the same message.

      • Radu Nicolae says:

        I didn’t even have chrome installed before I tried the activator. I installed it after I got the message in the command window, and is still promting the same message. I don’t know what to do about it.

  5. LL says:

    With windows loader 2.4 on Windows 7 Starter edirion I get oo2.exe stopped working. What should I do?

  6. Erio Touwa says:

    Help pls 🙁 I can’t activate windows 7 ultimate. I keep getting this message: “the certificate wasn’t successfully installed” and yes, I deleted the update that needs to be deleted and had tried the MBR Regenerator thing, but it’s still not working. HELP.

    • Erio Touwa says:

      BTW This loader worked before, but recently my computer crashed and I used StartUp repair to recover it, but after my recovery it became non-genuine.

    • DAZLoader says:

      if nothing helps try disabling your antivirus or firewall these could be blocking loader, if nothing works fastest way is just to reinstall windows and after that apply our loader..

  7. OfflinePirate says:

    I’ve noticed that direct downloads of Windows 7 (all versions) from Microsoft website have the “KB” update preinstalled. Deleting the update after installation proves impossible for the system gives you no option. Now if your software requires us to delete said update before the loader can work correctly, how exactly do we do this??? Keep in mind Torrent sites for clean windows iso’s won’t work for me because I’ve had to many DMCA warnings already this year.

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi it is possible to delete this update, just head to control panel/ uninstall programs and select view installed updates.. Best thing to do is to use our loader just after windows installation we had no problem activating any version just after installation..

  8. DumbDude says:

    I recently used this software without a clue or reading anything, simply downloaded and hit install. Now my PC thinks it’s a Gateway machine it seems to have the wrong bios, system specs and is running something awful. I have no clue on how to fix. I thought I just need to find original bios and motherboard drivers but I’m not having any luck finding drivers and bios for a Intel Desktop Board 01 E210882. Intel of course only has drivers for products they sold in the last few years. So Intel website is no help. If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated.

  9. bluk says:

    I´m trying to activate Windows 8.1 Enterprise, but when I start the program, I get error message, that oo2.exe stopped work, and then program shut down. What can i do?

  10. PC gamer says:

    can this loader also activate gaming pc’s with bios?? I want to buy a custom build I made by myself, but I want to know if I can use the amazing w7 loader again

  11. Herbert says:

    Dear team of Daz,

    after starting your Windows Loader v2.2.2 there is the message “Installation Complete” and “The certificate and serial were successfully installed”. But the status didn´t change from “Trial” to “Licensed”. All the “Advanced options” by selecting “Disable type 4” or “Legacy” (at “Memory”) with or without “Ignore the existing SLIC” (at “ACPI tables”) doessn´t help. What do I make wrong? Thanks fpr your help.

    • DAZLoader says:

      Make sure you detelted that update which is detecting loader, also try to use mbr regenerator and then apply our loader

      • Herbert says:

        Thank you for your fast answer. But Windows 7 professional 64 bit is fresh installed with the original ISO and there is no update of Windows made. So I couldn´t delete an update and needn´t the MBR regenerator. With this procedere I hadn´t any problem at a Intel Atom netbooks of Asus. With the same procedere I have that problem at a AMD C-60 netbook of Asus. Two equal procederes with different results. Why?

  12. Lafoo says:

    Upgraded to Windows 10 but didn’t like it. Rolled back to Win 7 and can’t reactivate with loader 2.2.2. Keep getting bootsec.exe error. Any suggestions? It was previously activated with loader before.

    • DAZLoader says:

      hm try using mbr regenerator, we didn’t tracked what windows 10 leaves downgrading to win 7

      • Lafoo says:

        The MBR Regenerator worked. I still received a bootsect.exe error but the OS was successfully activated. Thanks

  13. DaveC says:

    I have Loader 2.2.1 on Windows Ultimate. I also have a malware problem and went onto a malware removal site who spotted it immediately and refused to help.
    Is the latest loader undetectable as I saw somewhere that the latest loader actually gives a windows key. I need to remove the malware but don’t want to be barred from another malware removal forum.
    Please reply ASAP

  14. windows 7 loader says:

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all folks you actually understand what you’re speaking about!
    Bookmarked. Please also seek advice from my website =).
    We may have a link trade arrangement among us

    • Jorge says:

      I can’t activate the windows.. just installed a fresh version of windows 7 and, allways got a message: “Unsupported partition table”, the HDD is NTFS, Fully formated before install windows..

  15. Jasna says:

    I have successfully activated windows 7 ultimate 64bit using Windows loader on my Dell 15 5558 laptop. But after installing graphic driver (Intel HD 5500) my activation failed, it says you have 30 days to activate. After uninstallation of graphic driver activation is OK again, but I need my graphic driver! I have tried to use MBR Regenerator, but it does’t help.
    Please, help me with this problem.

    • DAZLoader says:

      very strange.. maybe after driver installation windows force you to install activation update, try downloading directly from intel or try older versions of drivers..

  16. or says:

    After using windows loader everything’s working fine but on booting I get the options to use windows, windows for server, and a few other options. I can either press enter or wait 30 seconds for it to boot automatically. I’ve tried changing the boot preferences in msconfig but it seems to change nothing. How can I remove the selection screen that pops up on startup?


  17. gigel says:

    i have setup a win7 ultimate vmware vm. i have installed daz loader. i have used starwind v2v converter to produce a .vhd file from the .vmdk file. i have copied the .vhd file to c:\ and i want to boot it alongside the existing windows 8.1 installation.

    when i try to add it to the bcd with bcdboot, the system refuses to complete with this error:

    C:\Windows\system32>bcdboot e:\windows /addlast /v /s c: /v /f ALL
    BFSVC Error: Failed to validate boot manager checksum (e:\windows\boot\PCAT\boot
    mgr)! Error code = 0xc1
    Failure when attempting to copy boot files.

    should I remove daz loader in vmware, recreate the .vhd without the loader, and try again to add it to bcd store? does daz modify the bootmgr file in \windows\boot\PCAT\bootmgr?

    • DAZLoader says:

      just try the all options, but it won’t modify bootmgr it modifies only bios adding license to it..

      • Lafoo says:

        The MBR Regenerator fixed the issue. I still received a bootsect.exe error but the OS was successfully activated. Thanks.

  18. XilizaX says:

    Newly bought a WD Black 1TB HDD. Installed windows on it and diskpart shows it’s not GPT but i got error Unsupported Partition Table.

    Can ya help me plz ?

    • DAZLoader says:

      it can show this if you installed firewall and antivirus first.. some antivirus and firewalls blocks loader because of microsoft request

  19. Shodowninja says:

    Is it possible to activate windows 7 on a GPT formatted hard drive. my drive is a 3TB and with the MBR format I lose 700GB of space. If it’s not possible to activate on a GPT formatted hard drive, can we expect a future release of loader that supports GPT? Thanks in advance for your help.

  20. Skyline43 says:

    When attempting to install the loader, I get error message:

    Installed certificate
    Installed serial
    Using \\?\Volume{8cb208d1-4aea-11e5-959d-806e6f6e6963}\
    Failed to create encrypted loader

    Sorry I searched everywhere, cant find a solution. The update KB971033 is not installed.

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