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licensed pc with daz windows 7 loader in action

Windows 7 Activator DAZ v2.2.2

Hi everybody! We have created this amazing website in order to provide you with the best win 7 activation tool available today – windows 7 loader DAZ !

People really know our software because it’s spread worldwide pretty fast after first release. But for those who don’t we suggest reading about our activator below. Beware that the newest version of DAZ Loader today is v2.2.2. If we will release an update for the our tool you always will find it right here at our site. There can’t be working newer version than v2.2.2 so don’t be fooled if you find higher on other websites. This is  just a trap..

Our windows activator for a fact used by hundreds of millions users globally and we are proud of that. Main reason is because people just can’t activate their windows 7 pc’s. There could be a lot of reasons for that: lost license key, scratched off key or people just never had one. Students can get this key usually for free so they don’t need our tools like MIT offers it’s students free windows 7 version. For others you probably have to use our tool – windows 7 loader DAZ. It is famously known of bypassing really hard MS WAT security. Our tool is arguably safest windows 7 activator key based exploit ever created by any group. Because it is inserting windows serial key directly into bios system so it can’t be reset by Microsoft so easy. What makes our app special is that it can make any version of windows genuine except for very rear build one in a million.. Another feature is that app let you use windows updates with no detection from microsoft so it’s completely stealthy.

Most Problems People Get with Windows 7 Loader

If you came up with not genuine error and black screen  you need to reset windows 7 activation. This can be done with MBR Regenerator tool reseting back to 30 days trial. After that we suggest that you immediately use DAZ windows loader to activate windows. This activator works with all windows 7 versions from Starter up to the Ultimate with some rare exceptions. For more information check about & releases section.

Instructions How to Download and Use our Activation Tool

To Download DAZ Windows Loader Press the Button Bellow

Important! Make sure that before installing windows 7 you boot cd or flash drive into legacy bios mode. Sometimes it works on UEFI sometimes don’t so it depends on your hardware. Safe bet is legacy bios mode. After that you have to format your hard drive to NTFS format. Just after windows installation apply our DAZ Activator with no other apps running. After activation you can delete our loader.

Also if already installed delete KB971033 windows update and don’t install kb3109094 because they trying to detect fake activation and reset your license.

For WINDOWS UPDATE FAIL problems read Commom Issues & FAQ section.

These are the most common problems  users experience with our win 7 activator. Also after installing windows do not install any antivirus and firewall as i have seen problems with ms security essentials! Only after you install daz  activator then install anything you want..

If you have any questions feel free to fill up the contact form or catch us on Facebook. Also from now you can ask your questions in the comment section bellow. Because we give you the fastest response there.  Update: added new toolkit as a last resort for people who are struggling with activation.

Always check MD5 Hash and SHA1 of the loader.exe after extracting files to verify that you are using our activation tool (you can find free checker at our useful software section).

File : Windows Loader.exe

MD5 : 323c0fd51071400b51eedb1be90a8188

SHA-1 : 0efc35935957c25193bbe9a83ab6caa25a487ada

If you have some kind of problems with our windows 7 activator DAZ remember to check Common Issues & FAQ section for various troubleshooting.

We hope you will enjoy using this amazing activation tool and remember to like and subscribe to us on the right side of the page!

We are very grateful for your support! – DAZ Team

949 comments on “Windows 7 Loader DAZ – Home
  1. Sick says:

    finally a working thing.. got from torrents some lame ass version which didn’t worked but now found original source and big thumbs up for you buddy for sharing it

  2. Finally says:

    damn i spent 3 hours watching various videos and searching for working windows 7 activator and finally found your site! activated with no problem so thank you from my heart! seriously you saved my ass so i can go playing dota again 😀

  3. Dorio says:

    Not really easy to download this. But once you get it, it’s all done. My W7U activated with no problems. Thnx.

  4. question says:

    i was redirected too from so yes it’s original site i think.. can owner can approve it too? why you changed domains?

  5. the 6 derbyshire says:

    Does your website have a contact page? I’m having trouble locafing it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail.
    I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing.

    Eitheer way, great website and I look forward to seeing iit improve over time.

  6. Tonny says:

    i was redirected from so i assume this is the original site for daz loader?

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi, yes it’s our original site.. Last site was penalized by google so if anybody can help us rank site better we appreciate that.

  7. Nick says:

    Hello daz. I tried to find your boot loader earlier and stumbled upon the top result which was not your webpage.

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi Nick, yes our last site was in the first place for all the terms but somehow google deleted in and some websites rise up onto our place. Now we are trying to get back our positions.

  8. lesterwayne says:

    The certificate wasn’t successfully installed? how to fix this?

  9. to DAZ says:

    thank you somehow managed to download, but i want to know if there is any other ways to support you?

  10. lakhdar says:

    i used it on win 10 it works too thnx

  11. naen says:

    tanks DAZ

  12. Leonix says:

    Hi I have a big problem, I have a cracked windows 7 and when I go to view installed updates it says “No updates installed”, I think I might have already installed the bad updates ( like KB971033 ) and now I can’t remove them anymore I also can’t install any updates like SP1 and don’t know what to do… What should I do?

  13. mengladys says:

    Thanks for everything, Daz. If I uninstall the loader will it unactivate my newly activated Windows &?

  14. HarisK says:

    guys, nowhere to get this at present

  15. Ricer says:

    damn sometimes got my heading spinning around from these computers but using your loader was a piece of cake thanks dude! how about win 10 loader?

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi this loader works only on windows 7 systems

      • BANANA says:

        Daz i have a question what do you mean in this sentence
        “Important! Make sure that before installing windows 7 you boot cd or flash drive into legacy bios mode”

        • DAZLoader says:

          hi good question.. On some motherboards you can choose which mode it supports legacy bios, uefi or combined. This way hard drive will be formated and windows installed on uefi partition for example. If you choose legacy it will be installed on mbr partition in which our loader works. Also in some cases it works too with uefi but if it won’t you know what the problem is..

  16. thanks says:

    ok got it working on my old pc also activated my dads laptop too, thanks

  17. PushiC says:

    Just to mention to you guys.
    You can download and install all updates offline. Therefor i use the wusuoffline update tool from this page:

    I guess it should be able to uninstall the mentioned KB’s right after the hole update procedure. At least i am not sure, if those two KB’s will be installed during the update procedure, since i have a legal key and didn’t search for.

    But for those of you who have problems to update Windows after a fresh installations it is a good advice to use that tool.

  18. Jake77 says:

    first of all thanks everything worked fine activated both my work pc and laptop but i want to ask you one question: can i update my windows and be safe that microsoft won’t detect that i’m using activated windows version with your loader?

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi Jake, yes you can update safely just don’t install updates mentioned on our websites first page and you will be safe. Worst what can happen you have to reinstall our loader again.

  19. julio says:

    esto es importante

  20. bert says:

    can this windows downloader activate the windows 10.

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi, no this loader working only with all windows 7 versions. I will make a new post with link to download loader for windows 10.

  21. anwar says:

    Thanks you

  22. kirpi says:

    hi daz,
    first time using your tool. after installation windows was genuine but the next day i had to make a windows recovery from backup image. now windows says key is invalid, x days to activate.(counting down)
    is this normal? is your loader’s function: keeping the activation key safe from the eyes of microsoft detectors or safely resetting the remaining time when it reaches 0? my computers current remaining rearm count is 2, dont know if the recovery or your loader rearmed?
    if this is not normal, should i try to reactivete via your tool or make a clean win install and do the trick again?

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi as you made windows recovery you reactivated your windows trial. Reuse our tool and your windows will be activated. If it don’t lets just install and use mbr regenerator it will set windows back to 30 days trial and then use our tool.

  23. ReyB says:

    hey daz i got windows activated and update took a little bit time but i want to know if it is safe to download newest updates? except for those you ruled out?

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi Ray, yes you could use all updates the worst case scenario you may have to uninstall from control panel and thats all

  24. neeha says:

    Hi Daz,

    I recently used v.2.2.2 on win7 to activate, and it did, then i upgraded to win 10 (asst. technology version), no problems there. Then (may I went too far) downloaded office 2013 and re-run the loader app and first it said os not supported, so i run compatibility and change it to win 7 from vista, and it did run, started the installation process, but ended the process saying serial installation not successfully…. now the problem is there is no office 2007(previous) on my system and I did not uninstall it b4 installing office 2013… PLEASE HELP

  25. chris says:

    Solution for UPDATES that you should put it in FAQ section:
    Cause: probably Windows 7 bandwidth/servers were allocated to Windows 10, so it really takes HOURS until it finishes to check for updates. I install Ultimate + SP1 and takes 24-48 hours to display (today) 222+43 updates to install (after one separate first update KB976902).
    Solution: wait or install manually KB3138612 and then your updates will be shown in 10-20 minutes (or more, but definitely faster than without it). It will take some hours until download and install (due to bandwidth resize for Windows 7) but please stop blaming loader for updates problems. It’s Microsoft fault.
    Note: no need to restart the update service, it will only get worse (interrupts the check and then starts over). Just WAIT and updates will come!!!

    • DAZLoader says:

      thanks for clearing things up. Restarting update service sometimes is necessary because you could waith even 48H and nothing happens. But yeah best way is to install some updates like KB3138612 manually so other updates will be downloaded faster.

  26. VIN says:

    the install option is greyed out, i cant use it 🙁

    Status show “unsupported operating system”. But i’m using fresh install of windows 7 SP1 ultimate download from microsoft with streaming of lastest rollup patch till Oct16 using ntlite (is this the main issue?) but doesnt include the 2 KB971033 & kb3109094 installed.

    It show Windows 7 Ultimate N (x86) in MBR Regenerator but without the “N” in windows loader.

  27. MANJUNATH says:


  28. eua says:

    Why is not available to the Middle East

  29. Alex says:

    Hi. Did you test this KB, is it safe to install?

  30. ahmed hamdyyo says:

    thank you

  31. Manuel says:

    Hi Daz, I have used you loader many times, but i stopped a while ago…

    Now i was helping a friend getting his computer back on, and his license was erased from the sticker…

    The way i used to use your soft was install W7 then do all updates, then your loader…

    Now im getting “the serial wasn’t succesfully installed”

    I found that i had the 2 updates mention above, i uninstalled them, but im still getting the same error…

    is there any other fix for this? i dont want to re-format and.. you know…

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi these updates sometimes can be really pain in the as… try using mbr regenerator, it’s best to use loader just after installing windows..

      • Manuel says:

        Well i started to update first, cos long ago i was getting the black desktop, so my workaround was to update first and then activate, now i guess MS updated their security again… MBR did its job right but it didnt work… so i think i will have to format and activate first, and then find out whats the new update which dont let me activate… i will let you know whats the new security…

        Thanks a lot for you fast respond your soft and support!!!

        • DAZLoader says:

          No problem, enjoy the loader. If you can find any new updates please write us back we can’t track ms updates cause they update like daily. Thank you.

          • Manuel says:

            My problem still on… I just format it, no updates, and I’m getting “the serial wasn’t successfully installed” now I have no clue what else to do… Thanks in advance of any help given!!!

          • Manuel says:

            Hi DAZ how are you? hoe everything is fine!!!

            After i formated again, i tried to activate right after installation was done, and i didnt work, but i check the licenses, and it was saying i had Ultimate version, i was using enterprise, so i format and install the ultimate, and now everything is working as suppose to…

            So by now i had no problem with the updates, the only problem that i had was, i had to do the updates offline till windows update got fix, then, i did the rest with windows update an everything is working right

            BTW this was the version i used first, the one that didnt work



            remember to spaces 😉

            Thanks a lot!!!

            • DAZLoader says:

              Hi doing fine, i’m glad everything worked out for you! Many people just are too lazy to reinstall windows and blame the loader..

  32. Juice says:

    Hi, Daz i`ve been using your loader many times but now i have a problem.I`m trying to run it on a fresh win7/64 instalation but after the reboot it`s still 30 day trial my disk is MbR and i`m deactivating my antivirus before run the loader, any clues?

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi did you installed on uefi boot settings or legacy boot mode? also try using mbr regenerator maybe your mbr is bugged or something.. If nothing helps write loader to some usb or other media and reinstall windows and just after you start fresh windows use our loader and it will work 99 times of 100. Some antiviruses blocking windows activation still if they are turned off and it has been known for some time..

  33. FVP says:

    Worked for me. Used my cellphone, took a while. created Mega account then from my laptop was able to access the downloaded zip file. installed, ran it, Problem Solved.

    yeah it’s good to read some of the other comments I read Juan Onofres comment and I too used the regedit way. didn’t work this time.

    People READ and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. DazLoader said “if already installed delete KB971033 windows update and don’t install kb3109094 because they trying to detect fake activation and reset your license.”

  34. DAZLoader says:

    Attention! If you have any problems downloading with your computer just visit our website on your mobile phone. To get the download link you have to install and run one free app like game etc. for 30 seconds and you will get link to the loader. Thank you for you support!

  35. DanDan says:

    ok finally got update working just use the stop and start commands in the cmd and it should work, also on one pc i just manually downloaded update and after that everything started updating normally..

  36. Onofres Juan says:

    AHA! for ranting didn’t get me Nowhere, nor This!!!
    tried ‘ol fashion way and Nada! Bro’ I accept my Defeat, why not offer option to pay you directly???
    that’s what I get for going mad M-A-D I tell you. 1st defeat I accept. going for 2nd try. I can throw laptop off 16th floor or live with the Windows Not Genuine.
    or steal me someone’s license JAJAJAJA HAHAHAHA LOL MAD I Tell YOU….

    • DAZLoader says:

      hey sorry if you had trouble now we added option to download via mobile phone so if you have any just install one free app run it for 30 seconds and you will get your download link instantly.

      • Juan Onofres says:

        Evil Grin MAD Scientist WAHAHAHA “it’s Alive, ALIVE”
        Thank You DAZLoader. Download via Mobile worked. took me 2 hours though. my phone doesn’t have sufficient storage. had to uninstall Apps but phone would reinstall as I tried to download game. just curious about certain things I had to Agree. not sure if phone identity will be compromised or Cloned. Yep I had a cloned phone before. The lessor of two evils, hmmm. wonder if i’ll be charged via phone. Anyway don’t have the “Windows Not Genuine” I Bow To Thee MASTER WAHAHAHAHA

  37. simon says:

    I don’t find old loader for Windows XP. Do you have a link??

  38. ferdz says:

    why its not available in vietnam?

  39. fante says:

    Hi win loader page for downoad is down page not found…. ;(

  40. WinUser says:

    After using for long time, today black screen unregistered appears, try to reset to trial, but if fails (saying trial key is invalid)

    Tried to use MBR regenerator with no luck.

    Any advice??

  41. ANdy says:

    any loader for windows 10, tqvm

  42. sebastian says:

    grazie tutto funziona

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