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Windows 7 Activator DAZ v2.2.2

Hi everybody! We have created this amazing website in order to provide you with the best win 7 activation tool available today – windows 7 loader DAZ !

People really know our software because it’s spread worldwide pretty fast after first release. But for those who don’t we suggest reading about our activator below. Beware that the newest version of DAZ Loader today is v2.2.2. If we will release an update for the our tool you always will find it right here at our site. There can’t be working newer version than v2.2.2 so don’t be fooled if you find higher on other websites. This is  just a trap..

Our windows activator for a fact used by hundreds of millions users globally and we are proud of that. Main reason is because people just can’t activate their windows 7 pc’s. There could be a lot of reasons for that: lost license key, scratched off key or people just never had one. Students can get this key usually for free so they don’t need our tools like MIT offers it’s students free windows 7 version. For others you probably have to use our tool – windows 7 loader DAZ. It is famously known of bypassing really hard MS WAT security. Our tool is arguably safest windows 7 activator key based exploit ever created by any group. Because it is inserting windows serial key directly into bios system so it can’t be reset by Microsoft so easy. What makes our app special is that it can make any version of windows genuine except for very rear build one in a million.. Another feature is that app let you use windows updates with no detection from microsoft so it’s completely stealthy.

Most Problems People Get with Windows 7 Loader

If you came up with not genuine error and black screen  you need to reset windows 7 activation. This can be done with MBR Regenerator tool reseting back to 30 days trial. After that we suggest that you immediately use DAZ windows loader to activate windows. This activator works with all windows 7 versions from Starter up to the Ultimate with some rare exceptions. For more information check about & releases section.

Instructions How to Download and Use our Activation Tool

To Download DAZ Windows Loader Press the Button Bellow

Important! Make sure that before installing windows 7 you boot cd or flash drive into legacy bios mode. Sometimes it works on UEFI sometimes don’t so it depends on your hardware. Safe bet is legacy bios mode. After that you have to format your hard drive to NTFS format. Just after windows installation apply our DAZ Activator with no other apps running. After activation you can delete our loader.

Also if already installed delete KB971033 windows update and don’t install kb3109094 because they trying to detect fake activation and reset your license.

For WINDOWS UPDATE FAIL problems read Commom Issues & FAQ section.

These are the most common problems  users experience with our win 7 activator. Also after installing windows do not install any antivirus and firewall as i have seen problems with ms security essentials! Only after you install daz  activator then install anything you want..

If you have any questions feel free to fill up the contact form or catch us on Facebook. Also from now you can ask your questions in the comment section bellow. Because we give you the fastest response there.  Update: added new toolkit as a last resort for people who are struggling with activation.

Always check MD5 Hash and SHA1 of the loader.exe after extracting files to verify that you are using our activation tool (you can find free checker at our useful software section).

File : Windows Loader.exe

MD5 : 323c0fd51071400b51eedb1be90a8188

SHA-1 : 0efc35935957c25193bbe9a83ab6caa25a487ada

If you have some kind of problems with our windows 7 activator DAZ remember to check Common Issues & FAQ section for various troubleshooting.

We hope you will enjoy using this amazing activation tool and remember to like and subscribe to us on the right side of the page!

We are very grateful for your support! – DAZ Team

951 comments on “Windows 7 Loader DAZ – Home
  1. Doc says:

    Getting “Unsupported operating system” message and both option buttons grayed out. Says Windows 7 Enterprise (x86) for version, build says “7601.win7sp1_ldr.170307-1800, Details says BOCHS- (04/01/14) then lists a key. Can this be fixed? or should I bomb the partition and restart from scratch?

    • DAZLoader says:

      Enterprise uses different kind of activation so sometimes it fails. Try using another windows versions for example home edition.

  2. Joane says:

    sweet god Jesus im glad i found your website was going crazy with this activation and finally i got my windows activated!

    God bless

  3. Jake says:

    thanks daz loader worked great and i even tried that ab ripping program xD my bae will be impressed xD

  4. giri says:

    hey daz i used your loader booted and after 2 restarts i got my windows activated now i want to know can i use updates or not? my system is windows 7 ultimate 64 bits

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi, yes you can use windows updates just don’t install the mentioned ones which detects our loader. Worst case scenario you have to use mbr regenerator and install our loader again.

  5. Pravin Kumar says:

    When i open loader it shows status notification. What should i do?

  6. Danny says:

    just a quick question i activated my windows with your loader and updated windows am i safe now? can i use updates in the future?

  7. vishwakarma manoj says:

    windows xp loader spd3

  8. avi miz says:


    I’m tring to us windows loader for win 7.

    I read in the “read me” file that: “if the details line doesn’t read v2.1, v2.2 or v2.3”

    I try with 4 memory/legacy – but still it is not working.

    Attath the windows loder main page.

    please help me with that.


  9. shubie says:

    hi, I installed the loader and I tried using it but it was showing certificate not successfully installed. what do I do?

  10. tony_crunk says:

    hello, thank’s for your work 🙂

  11. James B says:

    are there instructions on how to add to a newly created windows 7 iso?

  12. poqpoq says:

    Loader was working. But somehow both of these windows updates sneaked into my system. Then got black screen, not genuine. Now I disabled Windows Update and removed both updates. But now Install does not change. I did also MBR regenerator, and restored grub afterwards. Now I have no black, but its in 30days trial, and Install doesnt work.
    Do I really need to reinstall Windows from scratch because of these KB…?

    • DAZLoader says:

      try to google for new windows updates which related to activation.. We can’t track all the newest updates but possible microsoft released a new update which detects activation

  13. Megan says:

    hello, anybody here? i activated my brothers computer and can i wanted to ask if i can use windows updates?

    • DAZLoader says:

      hey yes you can use windows updates with no problem just don’t install updates which were shown on website as harmful

  14. jason says:

    hi! i dont have tweeter account. how can i unlock and download the loader for windos 7 prof? ty

  15. they fooled me again says:

    Microsoft made my copy “ungenuine” after I stupidly clicked “check for solution online” after a BSOD not knowing that it would actually just send a report to microsoft rather than help diagnose the problem. Sneaky.
    I did a SLMGR -REARM to make the “not genuine” warnings stop, but that only gave me a 29 day licence.
    My boot partition is GPT, but when I used the loader on it for the first time it was MBR. If I change it back to MBR, use the loader to get a “permanent activation” then go back to GPT will it work? I have to run GPT.

  16. Reply says:

    and does ur team have loader for win10?
    there are too many fake ones, please help 😀

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi the only original site is this website! and latest version is here. If you see bigger one it’s 100% fake. For windows 10 use

  17. Aakash says:

    i have installed windows 7 ultimate in my dell 5559 which previously had windows 10, after my windows 7 installation and loader installation my laptop wont boot, BSOD appears in between the windows 7 logo while booting, but i can boot my PC from recovery menu without the loader is there any way to fix this one

  18. abhisinha says:

    windows loader is 100 worked this very useful

  19. Jester says:

    Daz, I’m having issues activating 2012 R2 Standard, not sure if it’s because it’s claiming to be the evaluation copy or not.

    I keep getting a: Certificate not installed error

  20. Mimi says:

    just great everything works jabadabaduu

  21. AdrianB says:

    Greeting from Germany as of 2017 02 26 everything is working fine activated two days ago and updated to newest updates.

  22. MiniMe says:

    damn i’m sick of these torrent downloads like uploaders turning site into a mess.. i’m glad i found your site DAZ at last a proper version not some bs..

  23. Burzek says:

    Hi DAZ,

    I am using virtual pc 2007 in w7 x64.
    Loader is working well for w7 x64.
    I install a fresh windows starter 7 sp1 in virtual pc , getting 3 days to activate.
    I install windows loader , reboot but it does not do anything.
    Is there a fix for this ?

    • DAZLoader says:

      why would you use starter? just install home version it’s the same performance. Starter usually is an oem variant with customized things it could be different activation through for example laptop maker.

      • Burzek says:

        I tried official pro version , made a clean install in virtual pc 2007.
        However, it does not work either.
        I also tried mbr regenerator, it regenerates to 30 days.
        Then I tried windows loader again , I click install, it says installed and restart / shutdown option comes.
        After restart I see it is still in Trial.
        I also noticed that no loader grub file is installed in root directory. No file is added no matter I tried multiple times with legacy , type 3 , 4 momery option, selected all acpi options.
        I can not install windows loader inside ms vpc 2007 , very interesting…

        • DAZLoader says:

          o it’s virtual pc unless there is proper bios loader won’t work. Google is your friend.. i remember some user about few month ago learned how to activate windows 7 ult on virtual box

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