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Welcome to Official DAZ website. We have created this website in order to provide you with our latest activation tool – windows 7 loader by DAZ ! This tool can help you to recover your original windows 7 key embedded into bios system. You can start learning many things about windows activation process and also it can change SLIC and certificate data too which can be useful for moving keys to another computers. But the main activator function is teaching users how to activate windows systems but for educational purposes only!

Our software is known worldwide because it is the only working activator today with many options for debugging and analyzing activation processes. This tool is arguably safest windows 7 activator key based exploit ever created by any group. This is because it inserts windows serial key directly into bios system so it can’t be reset easily. From the first release we are keeping up with MS updates so there is no downtime for our tool.  It is also famously known of bypassing really hard Microsoft WAT security which other tools can’t do.

What really makes this software special is that it can make almost any version of windows genuine except for very rare custom builds.. Another important feature is that this tool let you use real time windows updates with no issues so you can test updates which are interacting with activation services. This is really important if you are doing research on windows security fixes.

How to use this software?

The main reason people are using daz activator is because they want to learn more about integral mechanism of activation processes or just can’t activate their windows computers . There could be a lot of reasons for that: people lose their windows 7 product key, scratch off key from cd box or they just never really had one in the first place. So if they have to use their computer quickly they just can use our tool and activate their windows and after that contact microsoft to get their original key back. At any time you could enter your product key and daz activation will be removed and replaced by your original key.

For students it is a little bit easier as they can get this license key usually for free so they don’t need our tool. For example MIT offers their students free windows 7 versions and there are other educational places doing the same. Others aren’t so lucky so they can use this tool.

Instructions how to download and use activation tool

To Download Windows Loader Press the Button Below



Attention: today the newest version of DAZ Loader today is v2.2.2. If we update our software you will always find the newest version here on our websites home page. There is no newer version than v2.2.2 so don’t be fooled if you find higher on other websites it can be used for malicious purposes.

Important! Make sure that before installing windows 7 your bootable device like dvd or flash drive is set to legacy bios mode. Windows 7 loader usually works with UEFI motherboards but you have to set boot to legacy bios mode or dual boot mode to work properly. After that you have to format your hard drive to NTFS format because there are problems with GPT formated disks.

Just after installing windows use our tool with no other apps running this way you stay safe of other software interfering with loader. After activation you can delete our loader. Also if already installed delete KB971033 windows update and don’t install kb3109094 because they are interfering with activation and can roll back windows to not genuine mode.

Most Common Problems People Get with DAZ  Loader

If you came up with not genuine error and black screen  first you need to reset your master boot record. This can be done with MBR Regenerator tool reseting windows back to 30 days trial. After that we suggest that you immediately use windows loader to activate windows before auto update kicks in. This loader works with all windows 7 versions from Starter up to the Ultimate with some rare exceptions. For more information check about & releases section.

Windows update fail is common problem our users experience and we suggested many solutions how you can solve this problem. As there are a lot of information to read we transfered everything to Commom Issues & FAQ section

windows 7 update fail

windows 7 update fail


Another big issue that people are downloading fake version of our tool or not from our original website. Only way to check if the tool is the same as on our page is to check hashes. Always check MD5 Hash and SHA1 of the windows 7 loader .exe after extracting files to verify that you are using our activation tool (you can find free checker at our useful software section).

  • File : Windows Loader.exe
  • MD5 : 323c0fd51071400b51eedb1be90a8188
  • SHA-1 : 0efc35935957c25193bbe9a83ab6caa25a487ada

If you can’t find your problem or having more in depth ones remember first to check Common Issues & FAQ section for various troubleshooting of them.

If you have any questions feel free to fill up the contact form or catch us on Facebook. Also from now you can ask your questions in the comment section below. Because we give you the fastest response there.  We hope you will enjoy using this amazing activation tool and remember to like and subscribe to us on the right side of the page! We are very grateful for your support! – DAZ Team


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28 comments on “Windows 7 Loader DAZ – Home
  1. Tom says:

    i just wanted to thank you for replying my email. I activated windows with no problems !

  2. DAZLoader says:

    Guys we have to restore backup so some of your comments were lost. If you had your questions please write them again.

  3. Alban says:

    Earlier time i used a windows 7 64 bit boot able dvd to install on my laptop, during installation process i have to select loader…
    When installation completed, welcome screen appears with theme of loader that i selected, ex. Acer
    Can anyone tell me where i can get this dvd again!

    • DAZLoader says:

      we suggest downloading original windows 7 dvd make it bootable and after that install loader. This way your system will be 99.99% secure

  4. Chris says:

    Damn i hate Jake Paul and his fans

    Loader is fine done it’s job..

  5. Jake Paul says:

    damn crazy app activated windows in no time! thanks!

  6. Richard says:

    Successfully 7 install after installing the loader the laptop just boots up in seconds! THANKS SO MUCH!

  7. donna says:

    trying to upgrade a friends pc from xp to a later os any suggestions on how im running into walls everywhere

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi the best thing to do is save all the data and format hard drive and install fresh copy of windows 7 from sites like piratebay or others and use our loader to activate the windows.

  8. nazh says:

    i have downloaded activator and i think i activated my windows is that all? This is just so simple as pressing one button? xD do i need to delete if afterwards?

  9. Lazar says:

    Best site guys

  10. Dandy says:

    everything is working good! greetings from Australia!

  11. ROB says:


  12. marcus says:

    hi, I’ve been using your loader for as long as w7 was born but since this month (2017-05), every time my box checks for MS updates, it’s flagged as a non genuine copy. As I’m tired of uninstalling and re installing I was wondering if something went wrong with (even) your last version (2.2.2). Thanks for your time by the way and efforts in making this software !

    • DAZLoader says:

      hello it’s windows updates detecting our loader. Read our home page you will find updates which you should delete!

      • marcus says:

        I know about kb971033 & kb3109094 but even unstalling them and rebooting, when my box checks windows update (that’s what I’ve been lead to think) I get background off and that “this copy of windows… bah blah blah” nag.. Any idea ?

        • DAZLoader says:

          hm maybe possible new update is making problems but other users aren’t complaining… Disable auto update and switch to manual update, use mbr regenerator, delete these updates and try then.

  13. bernhard maier says:


  14. Unsure says:

    I want to install SP1 but it includes KB971033. Can I still install SP1 then use this loader to reactivate Windows afterward?

    • DAZLoader says:

      yes you can install that update along with sp1 after that delete that KB971033 update and use our loader.

  15. fesoJ says:

    Hello DAZ. I already activated my windows using your loader. but I have concerns.
    Is it okay to install windows update even after activating my Windows 7? If so, what selections should I take from installing updates on windows and what to avoid to prevent genuine detection? Thank you!

    • DAZLoader says:

      Hi you can use windows updates with no problem the main detecting updates ar at our first page look for KB.. just don’t install these and you will be fine.

  16. Dylan says:

    Thank you from my heart! Really God bless you everything worked.

  17. Hunter says:

    ok i used your loader and got my windows activated so can i now use windows updates too? or i better not use them?

    • DAZLoader says:

      hi you can use windows updates with no problems just don’t install updates mentioned at our home page. Especially KB971033

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